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Childrens Alphabet Garden by Mary Mazziotti

1313 Sherman Ave Central North Side, Pittsburgh PA 15212
40.4567, -80.0103

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We contacted Curt Getmann at the Sprout Fund for information on this mural. He sent us this:

The collaborative Northside community group involved with this mural–comprised of young children and their parents from the Green Millenium Children’s Garden, whose mission is to maintain the garden adjacent to it – was enthusiastic, helpful, and supportive through the entire process. Each year during gardening months, neighbors bring their children over to tend the garden and learn about growing fruits and vegetables. The children worked with Mary Mazzotti to refine the mural’s preliminary design, which depicts the alphabet using garden imagery, and carefully considered each symbol. The youthful committee also did a great deal of work during the actual mural execution, helping to prepare the wall by cleaning and priming, and also pulling weeds around the area. Upon completing her first public mural, Mary commented, As a painter used to working on a smaller scale, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity offered by this program to see what it was like to ‘work large’. One might say that the continued enjoyment of the children’s garden is the greatest indicator of her success.

The garden adjacent to this mural is no longer there. The lot is now fenced off into a private space. You can still see part of the mural over top of the fence, but not all of it, and you can no longer get close to it.


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