Pittsburgh's Outdoor Murals and Public Art, discovered on bicycle around the Burgh bike


Hamnett Station ParkNRide Murals by Jeffrey Katrencik Colleen Black Andres Ortiz Ferrari Michelle Gregio

301 Centre Street Wilkinsburg PA 15221

mural on a concrete wall beside a park and ride lot

This mural's theme was the City of Pittsburgh. Several artists worked on it, including students from Wilkinsburg, and each added something for, or about, the city as they saw fit.

Some close ups of the mural from left to right:

woman with a blue face, green and purple thick curls of hair. Large abstract crosses in shades of pink, blue and green.  Several other abstract designs.

Woman's face in purple with green leaves for hair and large hoop earings.  Several large, white dice with purple dots. The face of an older man in shades of red.  The American flag. A man in a green workshirt and wide brimmed hat leaning on a pipeline. A man's head with purple dripping off of it above a globe.  A dark purple house with figures in the backlit windows. Another abstract cross and more abstract designs.

Continuation of the dark purple house where the wall has a 90 degree elbow.  Large peace sign in multicolor, paisley design.  The face of a boy in purple with two large, purple hands in front of him chained together and holding onto something.

In the above images, the Pittsburgh connection doesn't appear obvious. Hopefully we'll be able to contact the artists involved and find out what those images represent for them.

An image of the mythical Joe Magarac, with huge, bulging, purple muscles; gritting his teeth while bending a piece of steel in his gloved hands. Background is red, orange, yellow flame like arms extending out from him.

In this section of the mural Jeffrey Katrencik painted his version of Joe Magarak. If you don't know about Joe, you may enjoy reading about the legend of this local steelworker and folk hero.

A small city scape with a pile of (presumably) steel objects in front of it including appliances, scissors, a twisted airplane, gears, a toaster and more, all in shades of red and orange. A large crucible pouring out molton steel, also in reds, oranges and yellows. A mustached man holding his face with both hands – all in purple. Another of the abstract crosses surrounded by loose puzzle pieces.

more loose puzzle pieces on the left side.  The central image shows a very pretty, pink angel with silver curls and wings blowing fairy dust over an image of the point.  The left have of the city is depicted as smokey, dark and dirty.  The right half of the city is green and clean.  Bubbles float up with images of family and recreation.  The right side of this section shows a miner with helmet and headlamp done in shades of green.

The creator of this angel is artist Colleen Black. She loves Pittsburgh and told me that she always called it Oz because she thought it was a magical place. Angel of Pittsburgh is modeled after her daughter. She blows fairy dust over the old, polluted city, and on the right side you see it transformed into what we know and love today. She sees Pittsburgh as a city in a constant state of flux, always improving and changing. Although Colleen no longer lives in the area, she left us this angel to show her wishes of love and blessings for our city.

This last section of the wall has mostly abstract images including two more of the crosses.  The green face of a man that appears to be a miner, wearing a helmet with headlap.


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