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Pages by James Simon

213 Grant St Millvale PA 15209

Concrete Schnauzer balancing stack of books on his head.

Meet Pages. Pages sits by the door of the soon–to–open Millvale Community Library, ready to great their customers. James Simon – sculptor, artist, musician, and patron of Pittsburgh Arts in general – created this book–balancing schnauzer. The library held a naming contest for their concrete guard dog, and Pages was selected.

The new library (the first library ever for Millvale) is currently scheduled to open in June (2013). It is an all volunteer project and we saw a sign on the door indicating that they could use some more help. Just in case you live nearby and have some free time we thought we’d mention that.

Grey, concrete schnauzer with stack of books on his head.

For the past few years, plans and renovations have been taking place on an existing building to house this library. When we stopped to admire and photograph Pages, we were graciously invited inside to see the progress, and the beautiful, ornate brackets acquired for the wood support beams. Red Star Iron Works is responsible for these. (They’re located just around the corner from where the new library is and have their own mural.) We didn’t photograph the iron brackets. They’re inside the library and seemed a bit out of our scope of outdoor public art for this project, however they were quite remarkable and worth stopping by to see. They depict images from the area including the street car that used to run to Millvale.

You can check for updates on the grand opening and more information on the library on their website or their Facebook page.

Update: Stopped by this morning to see Pages with a new look. In preparation for the library’s grand opening (set for 18 Aug 2013), Mr Simon gave Pages a fresh coat of paint. We were impressed by how spiffy both Pages and the library building are looking.

Looking good for the upcoming grand opening!

Pages with a fresh look.

Update: The latest artistic addition to the library is the installation of the new door handles. These creations were also custom made for the library by Red Star Iron Works and they turned out beautifully!

The inscriptions read as follows:

women who build nations learn to love men who build nations learn to love children building sand castles by the rising sea
Language is courage The ability to conceive a thought to speak it and by doing so make it true SR

Best wishes to Brian and the rest of the library staff for their grand opening this Sunday, 18 Aug 2013.


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